Saturday, April 18, 2009

Initially passionate

Weeks and weeks ago Cam scratched Yarrow's initials into one of the passionfuit that are growing higgeldy-piggeldy over the chook yard. It scarred up and kept growing...

And now they're ready, lovely and sweet and tangy,
and Yarrow has his very own one to play with.

Old fashioned Easter for newly-fashioned boy

Oooo, the joy of being a Mum and getting to make special things special! Ro's first Easter, and I found at the bottom of a drawer some dyes and stickers my Oma sent me two years ago to make German Easter eggs with him, like we used to when we were little... 

We used to make Easter nests 4 weeks before, and get one small chocolate egg each Sunday in the lead up... It being autumn in Oz at Easter time rather than spring, we used to make our nests out of curling, crunching leaves - and then on Easter morning - eggs! bunnies! and hard-boiled dyed eggs with the cutest little old-fashioned stickers. 

Dying our chickens' eggs, stickers at the ready...

So lovely!

We used to dye them, all four of us kids together with Mum, in margarine containers with paddle-pop sticks, heaps and heaps of them, and give cartons of Easter colours to friends.   

Monday, April 6, 2009

This is the hole that Jack bit!

Here Ro demonstrates his new bite: his first two teeth came through on our recent premiere wedding anniversaire, and now a top one is peeking through...

On the same day: a top tooth, he crawled, and ate a whole bowl of food! Methinks he is getting so grown up - and there's years and years of this to go!