Friday, May 22, 2009

Brown life, brim full

Went for a wander this evening to enjoy the damp autumn with Yarrow and was amazed to find so many different fungi budding up through leaf litter and pine needles, even in the nooks and dark places of our own garden. Along the railway tracks and under our nasturtiums, soft nutbrown homes for wee folk. 

It feels utterly magic - thinking of the soil crept through and rich with fungi, trading sugars with the finest hair roots of trees and carrying it miles, literally! to trees further down the line... Fungi and tiny soil creatures and questing roots, crystals of water brimful with minerals, huge monsters of worms churning through, the whole thing heaving and boiling and bursting with life! 

The fungi budding up like periscopes, hiding in the dark, enjoying the damp and the fire colours of autumn. 

Surely this little one is waiting for its fairy to come home 
and light a candle in its window...

... while these wait for impish hobgoblins!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rain can be a girl's best friend

Beautiful rain! A dripping garden and filling tank. Pearls of water fat and opalescent in the crease of round nasturtium leaves, chooks fluffed up and snuggled into each other, the orchard misty and the smell of wet earth. 

Rain like diamonds caught in the lace of fine leaf fronds.