Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot air

I shall be glad to see the back of this north wind! As shall some wilting but nevertheless enduring vegetables.


The sunflowers are turning up their toes but luckily have already set their seeds to feed to the chookies. Meanwhile they have been a bright beautifulness out the window!

But the afternoon sun and the hot north wind set Cam wandering the beds with his laser level and pencil….

This evening he has a new plan:

to re-jig the vegie-growing area into three main terraced beds, two sleepers high at the front edge and with key hole paths leading in from the back edge.

We can grow a lot more food in the same area this way – less path and more actual growing space. And to shade the paths and grow even more food – vertically! – he will build a trellis over the two main paths and let the kiwis at it. They’ll give the garden a little shade in summer, but lose their leaves in winter and let the sun in.

It would be good to plant a big, loose-limbed tree in that bottom corner too, to disperse the wind a bit. Not a tight windbreak tree – that would lift the wind up and over and dump in straight onto the vegies – but just a nice big blowy tree the wind can move through and slow down in, and tickle the vegies thereafter.


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