Saturday, March 7, 2009

Have pillow, will travel

A nomad mother necessarily has a nomad baby: little Ro is seven months old, yes, and has finally gotten a bed! He’s been sleeping on the floor beside us in tent and boat and bedrooms so far, and thanks to ebay and the delights of settling down for a year is the now the proud owner of his very own white cot: 

NB: In Samoa, Cam built this ingenious bed on the side of ours for easy feeding in the night, mainly so we didn’t have to blunder in and out of several mozzie nets all night long! I sewed an annexe into ours to fit over and tuck into his little sidecar bed. 

Just the other day I saw the same sort of thing for sale in the ABA catalogue for more than $400!! It’s definitely a lovely way to keep your snuggling space as a couple but have baby with you too.

A gratuitous shot of Ro on his first day, just because he's beautiful:


  1. He is so beautiful & has beautiful parents too!

  2. What a lovely little babe. Love your blog by the way.