Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting cultured

The first time I've ever made yoghurt! 

Boiled the milk, let it cool til I could hold my finger in it for 10 seconds (just!) then added a dessert spoon of good, organic, whole milk yoghurt and wrapped it all up into a snug, warm bundle for the night with plenty of baby blankets:

Then Cam walked in to admire my handiwork and realised I'd carefully wrapped up the SAUCEPAN! 

So I had to unwrap it all, pour it into a container more appropriate than a saucepan to set in, and wrap it all back up again. Ah, the getting of (acidopholus and bifidus) culture can be a humbling experience!

The next morning, on porridge, voila:

(A bit runny! Maybe all the inadvertent cooling and warming... But yummy!)


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