Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The spice of life, via worms

Cam is reading Frank Herbert’s Dune and methinks he is picturing his little harvester worms as miniature Makers, turning lettuce scraps into spice for the garden… 

He has just made  an industrial-sized worm farm out the front, from salvaged hardwood doors and some nifty concreting. Now you can drive up through the pines and round the parking circle, tip a load of horse poo off your trailer directly to the worms, and carry on to your next appointments.

He uncovered the existing worm farm to let in the light and waited for 10 minutes while all the worms fled deeper to get away from it:

Then he scraped off a 10cm layer full of baby worms and put it into a separate container, and again and again until we now have seven little worm hatcheries hatching worms under wet newspaper. We are collecting vegetable scraps from the two fruit and veg grocers in our strip of shops and the worms are voraciously munching their way through it and fattening up in preparation for their big move out to the front.


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