Monday, August 17, 2009

Harvesting winter spuds

Our neighbour above us on our hill here, who has been gardening his patch for 20 years and every inch is growing an edible something, told us we can grow potatoes right through winter. So we have, and here are Cam and Ro harvesting one patch (we still have several more around the garden to go).


  1. The people who lived here before planted so many potatoes - they grow all year round - you just never know where! It is like Ireland in our veg patch - lucky we liek potatoes!

  2. Hey! Here you are looking at my potatoes - congratulations and warmest hugs to you and your new little man, I love the photo of you in the bath with your wee frog prince!

    xxx xx xxx x x xx x x x

  3. Ha ha, just saw your other comment, speaking of depths for tadpoles! Depth and bubbles for new human tadpoles! xx x x