Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ro's first birthday

It was Ro's first birthday just a little bit ago, and I was on midwifery placement caring for women in labour, thinking, "This time last year I was in Samoa doing this..."


...woke up just before dawn in the glowing white box of our mozzie net in the moonlight, full moon out the window, with the first pains just starting quietly, and our little man was born in our bedroom with two local midwives, five incredible hours later.   

And now that small, naked and slippery little fella, so freshly new -  but surely somehow always here too! - is one! And I've been a Mum, and Cam a Dad, four seasons. 


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  1. Oh you! What a beautiful post. Amazing picture - thankyou for sharing. What an amazing memory and experience. Ro is lucky to have come into the world in a wonderful place and a wonderful way.