Monday, February 22, 2010

Settled, truly in yurtish, nomad style

Hello everyone!!! Apologies for the long radio silence, we've been madly on the road and the internet hasn't been handy, but - finally, and in what style! - we are settled again and able to roam here once more (albeit for the next little while on a friend's computer up the driveway a little way)....We have come to Mulloon Creek Natural Farm; a couple of Saturdays ago we unpacked a yurt from a box and built it, et voila! Stunning views, a dam out the window to jump in on hot days, a cow to share the milking of, and a huge farm out the door for Cam to run around doing keyline design and holistic management and natural sequence farming, etc etc! One of the etc's being to teach permaculture and all of the above through the Mulloon Institute, which aims to go beyond teaching and sharing about sustainability practices (from an urban to broadacre scale) towards regeneration and restoration of damaged landscapes. Woohoo!

Meanwhile I shall be growing our new baby along with all the fruit, vegies, berries, nuts, herbs and spices that could be needed by the eight families who live on site; the farm is several thousand hectares straddling the Dividing Range and produces free-range organic and biodynamic pastured eggs and beef. All in all, I feel like I'm in Heaven! I promise to be back soon with some photos...


  1. aw now I missed you like you wouldn't believe and it is so typical you come back in this kind of style! Lovely to know you are bumping - enjoy it all and the new life sounds wonderful - can't wait for pics!

  2. Ha ha, it's all such fun! How is your new little fellow trundling along? I shall have to come over to your blog and see - hooray to be back on the internet and able to catch up! xx xx x

  3. 想跟你說一聲加油,祝福大家每天開心........................................