Monday, March 29, 2010

A wee turtle cave

The other morning Cam found a wee baby turtle tumbled into the grease-trap pit (part of the greywater reed bed system, more on that anon), and duly plopped it in the dam.

Then a few days later our Canadian woofers found another one, also in the pit!

That afternoon we spotted some pieces of soft shell in a tiny cave broken open in the wall of the trench to the grease-pit, the pieces of about six or so eggs and in one the dried fragile leather of a small turtle’s shell, a little one who didn't make it to the water.

(P.S. Still getting my head around new Mac - no idea why this photo is coming in sideways?! If you would all obligingly turn your heads onto your left shoulders you will see the soft bits of shell in the foreground!)